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$85 - 2 Men
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VIP Moving Company is a family owned and operated moving company serving Arlington, TX and the surrounding area that offers efficient packing and unpacking service for commercial and residential areas. We are committed to delivering your valuables in a professional and caring manner. We offer a reliable and affordable service unmatched in the moving industry.

VIP Moving Company is the best Arlington moving company that will ensure that your belongings reach their new home unscathed. Please give us a call today for outstanding moving services.

Licenses / Credentials:
• Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Certification
• Associates Degree in Travel

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Services Offered:

  • Moving Services
  • Local Moves
  • Relocations
  • Apartment Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Load and Upload
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Apartment, Houses, Office and Corporate
  • Short-Term Furniture Storage
  • Single Items Moves
  • Vending Machines
  • Safes, Gun Case, Piano or Pool Table
  • Out of Town Moves
  • Automobile Moves
  • Motorcycle Transport
Finding Reliable Arlington Moving Company

More than forty million U.S. citizens move every year. That amounts to 1 in every 4 adults. The average person will move many times within their life. It has been proven that the third most stressful time in a person’s life is when they move. While we may be looking forward to moving into a new home, it can be a confusing time emotionally when we have to leave our old neighborhood, longtime friends and memories behind. On top of all this we don’t want to have the added stress of wondering if the Arlington moving company is going to handle our possessions with care.

The entire process will be a lot easier if you can find a reliable Arlington moving company, though this might not always be as easy as it seems. It will probably require more than searching through your local phone book. Moving companies can be quite diverse in the services they provide. Some companies may only work locally while others are national or even global. The Arlington moving company you choose will have a lot to do with your specific type of move.

You can usually find a variety of other services through an Arlington moving company beyond just moving your furniture and other possessions. They can rent or sell you sturdy packing boxes, actually do the packing for you, arrange for storage, and unpack everything for you once it reaches its destination. While these added features will cost you more, they can be a great convenience.

The rates from one Arlington moving company to another can vary quite a bit, leaving you with some very different quotes for your move. You may hesitate to go with the lowest bid, worried about the quality of the service and safety of your possessions.

Where to Search for Qualified Arlington Moving Company

Talk with everyone you know. There’s hardly a person that hasn’t moved at some point in their lives so just start with friends, relatives and work associates. They’re likely to know a good Arlington moving company . You might also try talking with the real estate agent that worked with you in locating your new home. Your real estate agent might be able to provide you with some good information from feedback they get from some of their other clients. If you’re move is local, keep a look out for moving trucks working in the area. It’s easy to assume that the Arlington moving company that you see the most often is also the busiest and therefore the most popular.

Do a search on the computer. A lot of moving companies maintain a website listing their services, how long they’ve been in business, the areas they cover as well as an online estimator page to help you get an initial idea of how much the move will cost you. The website will also contain their physical address and phone number as well as an email address so you can contact them with any questions. The internet is also a good way to do a background check before calling any Arlington moving company.

The Arlington Moving Company Bid

After you compile your list, it’s time to call the Better Business Bureau to determine if anyone has ever filed a complaint about one of the companies you have in mind. It’s not unusual to find that even a good Arlington moving company has a couple of complaints on file but it is important to find out what the complaints were and if they were resolve satisfactorily.

It’s a good idea to make a list before you call any Arlington moving company. Write down how many rooms you need to be moved, if you have any large pieces such as a piano or oversized curio cabinet and make sure you include the garage or utility shed if you have one. It’s not necessary to be exact but it will help give the Arlington moving company some idea of what you’ll need.

Making Your Choice: The Arlington Moving Company

It can be a little confusing to compare the different quotes. You’ll find that pricing can be very different as can available services and the methods that each company uses to arrive at their estimate. One company may charge by the room, another by the load and still another Arlington moving company by the hour.

Be sure that you understand how each Arlington moving company puts together their estimate and that everything is written in detail. Look closely at the fine print. If there are any damages, you need to know what your options are. Be aware that many companies won’t cover damages if you choose to pack your own things unless it’s due to their carelessness, such as dropping something.

After getting your estimates from each Arlington moving company, you can make some comparisons and choose the Arlington moving company that you feel you can trust to safely move your possessions. Moving can indeed be a very stressful time for many people. The last thing that anyone wants to worry about is careless movers or lost or damaged belongings. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving near or far, you need to find an Arlington moving company you feel certain will safely move your possessions for you.


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